Heating and Cooling Services in Desoto, TX

Energy-efficient heaters and air conditioners make life comfortable for Desoto homeowners. Winters in Texas are bitterly cold, and summers become hot with temperatures over 100 degrees. Maintaining the heating and cooling units helps the residents avoid extreme temperatures and enjoy each season Texas offers residents.

Replacing an Obsolete Air Conditioner

The Environmental Protection Agency deemed R-22 refrigerant unsafe for the environment, and the government agency began a phase-out of the refrigerant two years ago. Air conditioners that use the refrigerant are now obsolete.

HVAC professionals offer advice and recommendations for a new air conditioner, and they offer comprehensive estimates for the installation. The technicians calculate the correct system size for the home to help the owner choose an AC system correctly. Have an obsolete air conditioner? Schedule Heating Services for a new installation.

How Old Is Too Old?

The average life span for heaters and air conditioners is around 15 years, and an older unit shows signs of wear without proper maintenance and repairs. HVAC technicians condemn units that are more than 15 years old.

Desoto HVAC professionals help homeowners choose a new heater or air conditioner when their unit is outdated, and they set up maintenance services for the new installation. Seasonal servicing extends a system’s lifespan and prevents homeowners from facing premature HVAC system failures. Routine maintenance and repairs save customers money and lower heating and cooling costs.

Upscale Thermostats for Heating and Cooling

Technology gives owners major upgrades from traditional thermostats, and many owners add thermostats that control more than just the HVAC systems. When choosing a thermostat, customers might want heated or cooled flooring. Upscale thermostats control the heater, air conditioner, and flooring temperature.

Engaging Too Frequently

Heating or cooling systems that engage too frequently are short cycling, which drives up heating and cooling costs, and a technician inspects the units to find the problem. Thermostats, evaporator cools, and blockages cause short cycling.

HVAC professionals perform thermostat replacements, seasonal cleaning services, and parts replacements. Seasonal cleaning services address blockages and airflow problems, and technicians use the maintenance tasks to test parts and find additional HVAC issues.

Persistent Electrical Problems

Heaters and air conditioners malfunction if there isn’t enough power flowing to the appliances. Testing the breakers and wiring helps technicians identify the problem, and there are several reasons for these electrical issues.

Tripping or faulty breakers cause problems. The technician starts by replacing the breaker, but if another electrical appliance connects to the same breaker, this causes more electrical risks. No one should ever install an HVAC system and another electrical appliance on the same breaker.

Wiring problems happen due to age, and pest infestations contribute to damaged wires. If the owner had a rodent infestation previously, they need to test their electrical system. Experiencing persistent electrical problems? Find out about Cooling Services and repairs.

Mitigating Gas Fires and Explosions

Heaters that use gas to generate heat may develop leaks and present real risks to families. HVAC technicians test the heaters for gas leaks and repair any issues quickly, and the service providers recommend carbon monoxide detectors to increase safety. Carbon monoxide detectors alert the family if the gas is present in the air.

Blockages in gas heaters increase explosion risks because the gas becomes trapped and builds up. Seasonal cleaning services remove blockages and lower these risks, and Desoto homeowners stay safer.

Managing Clogs and Blockages

Condensate drains commonly experience blockages. Seasonal maintenance and cleaning remove dirt and debris from the condensate drain, and the HVAC Services eliminate drainage issues.

Buildup in ductwork creates blockages and stops proper airflow. Technicians inspect the ductwork and registers, and if there are leaks or damage, they perform repairs or recommend replacement services.

Air filter changes and air cleaners reduce blockages and improve airflow. HVAC technicians recommend air cleaners to remove debris and improve air quality, and homes are cleaner and germ-free with regular use.

The System Is Too Noisy

Debris in heaters and air conditioners leads to noise pollution. Dirt and dust flow to the fan and recirculate in the systems, and technicians clean the heater or air conditioner to stop grinding noises.

Moving parts that are loose fall inside the heater or air conditioner and cause unwanted noises. Technicians inspect the heater or air conditioner, reconnect these parts, and identify any damage caused by these parts.

Texas seasons are beautiful and offer picturesque views of the state. Homeowners in the state know that enjoying the seasons requires reliable heaters and air conditioners, and they know setting up repairs and maintenance services improve HVAC system performance. Are you experiencing heating or cooling issues? Contact a local provider for help today.